Cowgirl Wilderness Yoga Retreats are an amazing way to unplug from the daily grind and open your mind, body and spirit to nature. This retreat offers an authentic unique adventure combining different activities. I especially enjoyed the horsemanship skills taught by Cathy and the breathtaking views of the outdoor Yoga “Studio”. with Self Discovery sessions led by Abbey. Not to mention the delicious meals shared among new friends and the nightly entertainment than can vary from live folk music & dancing around the fire to story telling and crafts. I look forward to returning for a third trip to unwind and experience the magic of the Troublesome Basin. – Hiedi Deets

I love adventures!  It had been four years since I had been on a good one because of life circumstances. Long story short, my husband of 35 years had become ill in 2008 and then died a tragic death in June, 2012. I was slowly recovering from the most difficult time in my life when I heard about the October 2012 Troublesome Basin Yoga Horse Camp and I knew I had to go. I trusted that it was exactly what my aching heart and soul needed. I didn’t really know anyone else that was going on the trip and I was concerned both about my state of mind and also, about my age of 63.  As it turned out, the other women were all younger than myself but no matter, they all seemed to like me. The trip was awesome, and the women were amazing. It was the perfect mix of excitement, horse riding, yoga, meditation, silence, friendship, and fantastic food. We celebrated the power of our womanhood, and our strengths and vulnerabilities. I so needed and enjoyed this trip, and I hope you do too! – Susan

Where do I begin in describing Abbey’s Cowgirl Yoga Retreat?! There’s so much I want to say, but I will keep it short and sweet, so that the reader can create their own magic for themselves when they attend. We began the trip by loading up our horses. It had been a while since I rode or tacked up a horse, so I was excited to relearn the fundamentals. Once we all started riding towards our camp, I was in humble awe of where I was. I could not believe the solitude and raw beauty that the Troublesome Basin provided us with. The yoga sessions had the most ridiculous view of all time! You are submerged in a deep, mindful practice next to a huge drop off overlooking nothing but nature. It was incredibly centering to not be able to see any buildings or humans around. Finally, back to the Source. Abbey made sure to make everyone feel comfortable and happy. That being said, everyone had something delicious to eat for every meal, regardless of their dietary restriction(s). We also had a workshop where we made our own relic. It was a great way for us all to bond, let our unconscious minds take over, and in the end we’re rewarded with a handmade object to have in our homes. I see mine every day when I walk in the door! 🙂 It is a tool that I use to go back to that peaceful, compassionate place where I reflect nothing but love. Did I mention the Aspens we ride through? WOW…is all I can say. The views that you will enjoy are transcendent of any Earthly vocabulary so I will not try. I highly recommend this retreat to anybody in search of themselves, peace, beauty, or all of the above! -Ashley

         Starting each day with yoga and the intention for the day helped me focus on the now and enjoy where I was. The scenery from the yoga space was incredible along with the mindful Abbey leading the way. She is very in tune with what we needed as a group and would help us focus on where we needed help and guidance. Focusing on meditation was also a big help to me. I rarely leave time in my day to look inward and silence my surroundings. We got that opportunity twice each day and I could feel such a difference.
         The food was also amazing! I expected to have the basics but was so delighted with the gourmet food from the cook, Julie. Not only was she so nice and accommodating to what we needed but she went above and beyond. I ate better there than I do at home. She made us packed lunches for our trail rides where we would eat lunch somewhere along the ride and just enjoy the beautiful view. It also happened to be my birthday the last day of the retreat and Julie pulled off the best dutch oven chocolate cake I could have ever imagine. It was one of the best birthdays I have ever spent.
         The trail system out in Troublesome Basin is a magical place to explore on horseback. There were some technical spots and some easy sailing but the views never disappointed. I love being on the back of a horse and we spent quite a lot of time with the horses. Cathy is a wonderful trainer and really knows what she is saying. She knows the trails extremely well as well as some of the history of the area. It was a treat to have her brain to pick!
         All in all, best decision I have ever made about a retreat. I would be back in a heart beat and can’t wait for the next retreat. I came back home with a new lease on life. I started painting and creating again and that is worth so much to me. Thank you Abbey for giving me the opportunity to join you on this magical retreat!
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